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Search Engine Optimization |  Pay Per Click Management  |  Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy designed to do one thing: increase qualified traffic to your web site through optimal placement in search engine results on keyword phrases pertaining to your offered products and/or services. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s not rocket science but it can be a complex and time consuming process.  The SEO method is designed to provide "organic" or natural long term search results.

Search Engine Optimization   |   PPC Management

Search Engine Optimization should be your primary internet marketing method as an SEO campaign provides long term search results, whereas, a PPC campaign only provides results when bidding is active and that can get expensive depending on your market used short term or as your needs dictate.

The initial step is to review your current website in relation to the following criteria:

-Navigational Structure (verify the site follows rules of Usability and W3C standards).
-Site Content (review and make recommendations as to <body> content as it applies to marketing objectives and organic search results, spider friendly and optimization criteria).
-Meta information (head, title, keyword, description, alt, comment, H tags, etc.)
-Image optimization
-Directory structure 
-accurate xml sitemaps
-complete search engine verification files placement
-URL selection and benefits for organic results
-Evaluate your competition and how best to dominate them!

Once we do an in-depth review of the current site we will provide a "best practices" recommendation to you based on current search engine algorithms, criteria and marketing trends.

If you require immediate internet prospects a PPC program is the most effective solution, providing qualified clients within a few hours time through "paid search results placement."

After determining PPC campaign goals I determine the most effective keyword phrases to “bid” on to achieve those goals in search results. I micro-manage your PPC campaign based on social, environmental and economic criteria to determine the optimal placement criteria to provide the highest ROI for your PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.  You NEED to be there and turn your customers into your sales force!  They want to help you and they are extremely effective!   You provide useful information, service and value and Social Media will do the rest!

As simple as that sounds very few business owners OR Marketing/Ad Agencies get it right.  There is a delicate balance between "selling" and providing outstanding value, service and advice to social users to earn their trust and "share."

Social Media Marketing, when done correctly, can take your business to incredible levels but never compromise quality, service or value as your reputation and sucess depend on acheiving and maintaining excellance!

If a company promises “#1 ranking” they are scamming you! No One can guarantee placement, it is unethical and a blatant lie!

I offer affordable Internet Marketing Strategies personally tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Your online success is MY reputation!  Don't let another day of opportunities pass you by.

Contact us now to discuss the opportunities an effective Internet Marketing campaign can provide in growing your business.

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