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Top Ten Reasons To Choose Me:

I am NOT a marketing agency!  The typical cost of an SEO campaign alone at an agency can be thousands of $$$ per month base fee, and agencies charge you extra for every little thing they can get you to believe a legitimate.   How do I know this?  I've worked at agencies (the agencies I worked at charged clients an average of$500 per hour for my time!  Outrageous!!!).  I finally had enough of the “smoke and mirrors” attitude of Marketing Agencies and their greed.  I set out on my own as an independant marketeer, I earn less money, but I have a clear conscious.   I charge a Flat Rate Fee with Absolutely No Nickel and Diming you to death! 

I only offer services I excel at professionally.  I don’t design websites, organize email “blasts”(they don't work effectively anyway) or shoot videos; I provide search engine results and social marketing, period.

You will have the phone number I carry 24/7/365.  If you have a question or concerns, you will ALWAYS be able to contact ME directly, no going through Account Exec’s, secretaries or office flunkies. 

My work is done promptly.  No need to wait days or weeks for changes to website code if Google alters their criteria for results. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube posts are done in minutes, not days.. 

Meticulous Attention to Detail.  I leave nothing to chance in writing code, implementation and execution.

I keep up to date on technologies.  My work is "current and beyond" concerning search trends, criteria, demographics and “conditions” that may affect your business.

All SEO work is done directly onsite.  My code is put directly on YOUR site, not on a redirect or offsite file.  Why is this important to you?  Many SEO coders will do work “offsite” basically holding you hostage.

I actually manage your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.  I look at “conditions” that affect your campaign and bid on keywords and phrases accordingly.  I take into account scenarios others don’t think of.  Agencies want to spend down your PPC budget so they can call and say: “Great news! Your PPC campaign is doing so good we spent this month’s budget.  You don’t want to miss out on traffic so we need more money”.  Why do agencies do this?  Because they charge you 20-25% of that budget to manage it!  I charge 15% of the monthly budget as my management fee and have NEVER run over budget.  I usually spend much less due to effective management of my campaigns.   Google has too much money anyway!

I take it personally.  Your business is now MY BUSINESS!

I’m Damn Good At What I Do! 


I offer affordable Internet Marketing Strategies personally tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Your online success is MY reputation!  Don't let another day of opportunities pass you by.

Contact us now to discuss the opportunities an effective Internet Marketing campaign can provide in growing your business.

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