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Network Breach | Information Security | Identity Theft

These terms seem to be in the headlines nearly every day.

Truth is, most “hacks” are harmless pranks or exploits that usually do nothing more than cause a minor inconvenience. In fact, monitoring for these intrusions can be beneficial in alerting to flaws in code or security which could lead to potentially severe future attacks if not corrected.

Malicious attacks (those Hacks of a more serious nature) could result in staggering costs due to matters of trust, law suits, fines and lost revenue.

3CLX [pronounced 3 CLICKS] is a term with two distinct definitions:

Marketing Definition

Maximum number of mouse clicks required by an online customer to find your business, product or service.

Security Definition

Minimum number of mouse clicks required by a malicious hacker to steal confidential data, critical business information and your network.

Techniques to protect Networks and Information evolve constantly; as do ways to circumvent those techniques. Hackers are very intelligent and thrive on creative problem solving to achieve their goals. Therefore Information Security has to be a combination of conventional and innovative tactics to be effective in protecting Networks and Information; continually reviewed and revised to protect against current and future risks and vulnerabilities.

What you must do is ensure safeguards, policies and procedures are in place to alert, avert and lessen the severity of an attack.

For an overview on Network and Information Security visit the Synopsis page.

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